Jade Scarlett is a Priestess of Isis, Artist, Energy Healer, Circle Facilitator, and Medicine Maker.  She is also an Advanced Sekhem Practicioner – a form of Ancient Egyptian Reiki, and certified as a Home Apothecary, Space Cleanser, Holistic Life Coach, and Healing Faerie Practitioner.  Jade always tries to imbue her artwork with spiritual beauty. In Jade’s opinion, this attunement to the beautiful is one of the most important aspects of spiritual work, because it contributes to the refinement of the consciousness and the deepening of connection to the Great Goddess. Her desire is to merge the Divine Feminine to artistic expression to bring empowerment and healing to women and girls. She believes that every woman can embrace the Goddess within her to find her true voice and step into her power.

For Jade, creating art is a form of meditation and spiritual dialogue. Within the subconscious, there is a rich world of images; a wealth of connections and memories, built layer upon layer, much like her mixed media works. As a spiritual and reflective person, she is compelled to search through these images for meaning and significance. As an artist, Jade seeks to refine this information and create personal work with substance and beauty, work that translates the rich landscape of her dreams and the imagery of her shamanic journeys, in hope to convey the messages of Great Spirit; to help, to heal, to love.

Jade’s earliest memories are of loving to draw and paint more than anything in the world and she would spend hours sitting on the floor with her crayons, markers and colored pencils translating with her hands all the magical beings that inhabited her mind and whispered to be born on paper. After a lifetime of working jobs that didn’t fulfill her, Jade finally allowed her heart to speak and so she began drawing and painting approximately ten years ago, when everything fell into place and her soul was finally allowed to sing its true song.

Jade finds inspiration in everything around her and always admires, in her love and deep connection to Goddess, the beauty of nature, an exceptionally gorgeous sunset, the feeling of the wind brushing against her face , walking on the beach, the music of her favorite composers, gazing into the eyes of her beloved, the art of her favorite artists, a smile on her son’s face, something silly her dog has done and even in the most mundane of activities, such as watching suds form on the surface of a dish she is washing. Inspiration is everywhere, in everything, all of the time, if only we allow ourselves to be open to the beauty and poetry that is the mind, soul, and universe.

Jade’s Fine Art Paintings, Pet Portraits, and Fantasy Art Illustrations have been exhibited a number of times in New York City and can be found in private and corporate collections around the world. Two of her Fantasy Art illustrations titled “Summer Dream” and “Pixie Laments the End of Summer” have been selected to be a part of the FAE: Fantasy Artists of Etsy 2009 calendar. Jade’s painting “Daydreaming Pixie” won an honorable mention at Ann Kullberg’s FMP Annual Members Show.


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