Labradorite: a flash of inspiration

The Hazel Tree

I’ve raided my crystal cabinet again!   Labradorite is a stone that needs to be held in the hand, and it will enchant you with its spectacular flashes of colour…  

Labradorite 3At first glance, Labradorite appears to be a dark brownish grey, slightly translucent, like smoky glass;   but turn it to and fro in the light and you’ll be astonished at its hidden depths.   Layers and fractures within the rock flash with iridescence:  peacock blue, turquoise, green, gold, orange and even pink.  It’s almost as if a rainbow has been petrified.

If I were a geologist, I would tell you that labradorite is a plagioclase feldspar, composed of a sodium calcium aluminium silicate.   It rarely forms into crystals, occurring more widely in ‘massive’ form, and the cut fragments are then polished.

Labradorite 4 Showing the stone’s translucence

The secret of labradorite lies in its molecular structure, which consists of…

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