Grounding and Centering – Part Two



After a few days of working with the centering techniques discussed on the previous post, we’re ready to add grounding to our daily practice.

To ground means to make yourself stable. This can be done in a variety of ways. Envisioning your legs as tree trunks rooted to the Earth Mother is one way. Putting your hands on the ground, walking barefoot on bare earth or grass, or holding grounding stones such as hematite, black tourmaline, obsidian, Boji stones, among others, are also very effective grounding techniques.

Here is a solid way of extending your energy body down into the Earth to keep yourself solidly rooted there. A physicist thinks of a grounding cord as a way of grounding out excessive energy surges, and certainly your energetic grounding cord provides a way of letting go of any energy you don’t need anymore. Your grounding cord allows you to bleed off extra energy, and also allows you to dispose of any energy you have picked up from an external source.

Many people like to think of their grounding cords as their “roots”. Like a root system, your grounding cord stabilizes you, so that whatever happens in the world around you, you aren’t carried away. You remains stable in the calm, cool energy of the Earth. Plants also use roots to gather the moisture and nutrients they need from the soil; I will teach you how to pull in the nurturing energy of Mother Earth through your grounding cord.


Being grounded helps you stay solidly in your body. When you are strongly connected with the body of Mother Earth, you are more aware of sensations and energy flows in your own body and all the details of the world around you. This helps you respond to the world in a more immediate and appropriate way. You stay in the present , letting the past be and trusting that the future will be even better. This skill is vital for healing or magic, and advisable to do before meditation or other journeys and assists in the body remaining health.

Once you learn how ground, you will want to use this skill consistently in you everyday life. When you start to feel stress, worry, anger, hopelessness, or any emotion that erodes your peace, get your body grounded and breathe in the healing Earth energy, Breathe out whatever may be excessive in your emotional response to the situation. You will start to feel calm and in control. Then you will most likely be gifted with a greater degree of clarity about the situation.

This meditation may help you understand how a grounded state feels.

Sit in a chair with your feet flat against the floor. Let your spine be straight and comfortable. If you want to lean against the back of the chair, do so. Take a moment to complete any small readjustments to make yourself perfectly comfortable, and close your eyes.

Gently let your attention come to your breathing. No need to change your breathing in any way, for now,  just become aware of it entering your nose and traveling down into your chest, filling your lungs. Be aware of the slight pause before you breathe out. Be aware of the muscle that work as your draw in the air, ad how they relax after you breathe out. Breathe in relaxation, and let out any concerns that you don’t need at the moment. Breathe in, relax, breathe out, let go. Enjoy this rhythm for a few moments.

Now let your awareness feel where your body touches the chair. Feel where the weight is lighter and where is heavier. And bring your awareness to the point where your buttocks are firmest on the chair. Feel the connection to the chair, and let your breathing focus on that spot, drawing your breath deep to that point of connection, and feeling as if the out breath seeps out through that spot.

As you breathe deeper and deeper, let your connection to the floor deepen, so that some intangible part of you is sinking deeper and deeper through the floor and the foundations to connect with the earth below your house. Even if it doesn’t sound rational, why not pretend for a minute that it can happen, and just allow it to happen. Easily and effortlessly, breathing deep, through this connection right down into the earth. Feel the nourishing coolness of the soil. Sense the roots of the trees around your root, and greet them if you wish.

Further and deeper, down through the soil, down through the rocks underneath, down through the bedrock. As far down as you feel comfortable going. And feel that part of your being that you have extended deep into the earth go straight through to the core of planet, to the heart of Mother Earth. Feel your connection with Her heart and enjoy it. This is sometimes called a “grounding cord”.

Be aware that energy can travel through this connection. Ask the Mother to send you her love, and let it flow up through your grounding through the Earth, and the floor, and into your body. Let if flood your whole being. Know that this love is always there for you whenever you care to ask for it. As abundant and free flowing as the air we breathe, so too is the love of the Mother. You can’t take more than your share because the supply is infinite. Let it fill your whole being. Let your being shine!

Once you have felt this feeling, you can make the connection more quickly bu focusing on your breathing to bring yourself into your body, and then extending your grounding cord through the floor and deep into the Earth.


Some quick ways to ground include:

– Sing the deepest “OOOOOOOOOH” note you can. Feel it vibrate deep in your belly and pelvis. Imagine the sound extending deep into the earth, and see if you can sing a little deeper.

– Have a real good belly laugh.

– Walk barefoot on bare earth or grass. Feel the earth under your feet and feel your energy body sinking into the earth. Breathe right down into the earth so that it begins to feel like an extension of your body.

-Work with crystals and/or stones, such as Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Tiger’s Eye, Boji stones, Hematite, Onyx, to name a few. But really, any rock can help you reconnect with the earth.

Once y0u know how to ground, you can often do so in 2-3 deep breaths. Just feel the downward flow of energy as you breathe out, like a special type of gravity is pulling your energy body into deep connection with Mother Earth. On the in breath, feel Her energy coming to you, on the out breath, feel the energy returning to Her.

A quick way to confirm that you are grounded is to balance on one leg. If you are properly grounded, this should be easy.

Whenever you consciously ground and clear your own energy field, you will come back to the present moment, conscious of your own truth rather than another’s, and able to face the world around you with greater clarity.

I can’t stress enough the importance of Grounding and Centering before meditation, healing, or any type of magic work. Or simply by itself. When I don’t have enough time in the morning to meditate, even for a little, I always take a few minutes to at least center and ground myself. Trust me, once you become used to this practice, it need not take more than 5 minutes to feel completely centered and grounded.


I hope that from now on, you’ll do your best to stay Grounded and Centered. Until the next post, love and bright Goddess Blessings!

Isis Selanaia

Chrysalis Goddess



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