Grounding and Centering

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Grounding and Centering are fundamental in the practice of Meditation, Visualization, Healing, and Magic. Now that you have several tools to aid you in your daily meditation, let’s talk about the importance of being grounded and centered. In this post we will discuss centering techniques.

Centering is the process of pulling your energy to a central point in your body, at your navel, or find your center of gravity around the solar plexus. or a center point within your head. Try all three to determine which is the most comfortable for YOU. Trust that you will know immediately!

Your center is the seat of your power, and in an emergency you will need to access it. For now, practice is important. If you practice daily devotions and/or meditation, I would suggest that you begin always with a centering and grounding exercise. By doing this you will also be practicing and developing the skills necessary to work with healing and magic.

Some suggest centering to help you with whatever visualization you wish to do to ground. Others suggest grounding first. In my personal practice I always center first. The bottom line is that if you are hopelessly uncentered, you probably won’t be able to ground. So let’s begin with centering since I believe that centering is fundamental in order to have the focus necessary to ground.

To center, let your awareness come to a point in the very center of your head, navel, or solar plexus. Visualize a point inside your head or body, at the point that you believe you will feel the most comfortable with. See or feel a golden light glowing there. Turn your gaze inward to the point of light. Deeply breathe in that light through the point you chose. Continue breathing the light deeply until you see or feel it glow a brighter and brighter.  Focus on the light, breathing deeply until your thoughts quiet and the light is all you are aware of.

At any time when you are working, if your thoughts seem to become scattered, you can quiet and center them by taking a few deep breaths while focused on this light in the center of your head, navel, or, solar plexus.

A note about visualization – There is a lot written about visualization in healing and magical texts. Most people can learn to do it to some extent if they work on it. But every one of us is different and some people will have more success using sound or body sensation to accomplish these basic energy tasks. If the technique suggested don’t work for you, do try other methods, such as vibration for example.

If your strongest sense is hearing, try to find a note of a pitch that will resonate in that level of your head that I described. Vibrate that note a few times, allowing the vibration to fill your head, and let it become all you are aware of.

It is actually both interesting and healthy to center in other parts of the body at some times. Many yoga and martial arts techniques train people to center on their center of gravity. This is around the navel, usually a little higher for men and a little lower for women because of how their body weight is distributed. Focusing there allows the practitioner to shift their weight without losing balance, and keeps one very centered in the body. It is a wonderful feeling to center all your awareness in your heart sometimes; this is specially useful when doing healing work or before making love.

Try centering upon waking up every morning until our next post, when we’ll add grounding to the practice.

Until then, have a wonderful week and sending you all many bright Goddess Blessings

Isis Selenaia
Chysalis Goddess



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