Meditation Made Easier


Now that we’ve been practicing the breathing technique discussed on the previous post, we’re ready to go into deeper states of meditation.

Many people are intimidated by the idea of meditation. They may think that they have to study it for years to be any good at it. They may think that they have to change their entire lifestyle in order to be successful. Finally, and for many the key question, they may feel that they will never be able to silence the continual chatter which goes on in their minds.

If you have any of the above beliefs regarding meditation, let me reassure you. While years of meditating will certainly develop your ability, it doesn’t take years to learn basic and simple meditation.

As for changing lifestyle completely, I have learned that often the people who think they have to do that may be the ones who would benefit from some changes: less frantic activity, stress reduction, more time carved out of the day for relaxation. For such people meditation can actually be a means of accomplishing such a change. It can help them to live more peacefully, regardless of what they are doing.

Finally, regarding the issue of mental chatter, there are a number of ways to quiet that, several of which will be described in this article.



I feel the most important attitude to take in terms of meditating is not to view it as some exalted state of being which you can’t achieve. In its most elemental form, meditation is relaxation. You don’t have to be lying down to do it. You don’t have to be seated in a particular position either.

Walking, swimming, gardening, dancing, writing, painting, any of these activities when done with focus and intention can be powerful meditative experiences. If you practice a meditative attitude while you’re doing activities that aren’t formal meditation you’ll find it that much easier to practice formal meditation. Basically you’re training your mind be focused and intent.


Once you turn to the more “official” forms of meditation, meaning that you are either sitting up in a relaxed pose or lying down, you will find that certain tools may be helpful in creating a relaxed mental state.



Scent is a powerful tool to alter consciousness and induce deep meditative states. Lightning an aromatherapy candle or diffusing essential oils can often assist and enhance your meditation experience. Good oil choices are lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, frankincense, rosewood, among others. If you’re meditating to connect with the Divine Feminine within, a lovely perfume oil that can be applied to the chakra points, or used in an oil diffuser is “Priestess”, designed specifically to meditate and commune with the Great Mother Goddess. You can find it here:



Peaceful music in the background can help to block out distracting noises and set a peaceful mood. Listening to guided meditations, native american drumming, or isochronic and binaural beats with headphones on can be even more helpful. Some of my favorite music to meditate with is tank drum beats. Beautiful and ethereal, it instantly transports me to a sacred place. I also love to meditate with music by Liquid Bloom. I recently acquired their album Shaman’s Eye, and I am absolutely in love with it!



One way to meditate with crystals is to hold a clear quartz point in one hand and a smoky quartz point in the other. This combines the energies of heaven and earth, keeping you grounded while uplifted.

Some of my favorites are Labradorite, Apophylite, Selenite, Amethyst, Sodalite, Moonstone, to name but a few. To instantly align the chakras, I love to meditate with Blue Kyanite.

These are all peaceful stones that will help you to connect with your Higher Self. Hematite is excellent to help you stay grounded and it also repels negativity. Carnelian centers one in the present; Citrine expands the feeling of empowerment; Rose Quartz helps to foster self-love; Blue Lace Agate encourages peaceful feelings, Amethyst helps one pass from ordinary consciousness to a twilight state, Celestite, Seraphinite, and Angelite all help in communicating with the angelic realm. If you can only have one, I strongly recommend Clear Quartz. It is a fundamental crystal that can be used on all occasions and programmed to do anything the other crystals can. I offer a nice beginner’s set with three quartz points – Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and Citrine for you to powerfully enhance your meditation practice with crystals.


Sitting comfortably with your eyes closed, imagine that you are looking at a giant movie screen. You will see particles, images, or patterns of light. Focus on the light with relaxed attention, and without interpretation. If you feel yourself shifting to a dreamlike state, allow this to happen. If you drift into thoughts return your attention to the light on your inner screen.


Sit comfortably, eyes closed, and focus on your breathing. Acknowledge without judgement, any sensations, thoughts, emotions, or external stimuli. If you get distracted, bring your attention back to your breathing.



White Chestnut Bach Floral is invaluable for those who find that they can’t shut out unwanted thoughts when they are attempting to meditate. It helps to relieve the feeling that your mind is going around in a state of unrest.

Walnut Bach Floral is a wonderful floral remedy to help you feel more comfortable in an altered state of consciousness.

Lotus is considered to be an all-purpose meditational aid because it helps us to be aware of our soul nature.

Those are but a few ways you can enhance your meditation practice. Next post we will discuss the importance of Grounding and Centering practices along with meditation.

Love and many bright blessings

Isis Selene

Chrysalis Goddess



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