A new (to me) ancient Isis hymn

Absolutely beautiful those hymns. It brought me to tears! I simply had to share it on my blog. Amma Iset!


I’m taking a break from our recent discussion of Kheperu to copy out for you an ancient, but new to me, Isis hymn. I was so excited when I found it! It is indeed rare that I find something on Isis I haven’t seen before, so it’s always a thrill when I do.

This is from a group of texts known as The Archive of Hor. Hor was a priest of Isis and Thoth who hailed from the town of Sebennytos, next door neighbor of Isiopolis. At the time of writing these texts, which include recordings of some of his dreams and work in the temples, Hor lived in Memphis. He must have been pretty high up in the temple hierarchy for he sometimes reports his dreams to the Ptolemaic rulers of the period via the Serapeum in Alexandria.

The texts are in Greek and Demotic and written on ostraca…

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