Simple Ritual for Dedicating an Altar


On our last post we discussed how to set up a simple altar. Now that you have all you need, let’s consecrate it by performing an easy ritual to dedicate your shrine to Goddess and make it a sacred space to be the focus of your spiritual development and your personal relationship with Her.

We begin by clearing the space. That can be accomplished by smudging with dried herbs such as white sage or rosemary that are placed in a heat proof container and lit to create smoke. If you don’t have herbs available or the smoke bothers you, clearing can also be accomplished by sound. You can shake a rattle, or use a drum, or even use pots and pans with a wooden spoon. Remember, the important thing is always YOU, the tools don’t have to be fancy.

Take three slow, deep breaths, and focusing on your breathing, visualize all the negative energy and psychic debris dissolving as you walk around your altar with the smudging herbs (or sound making tools). Begin in the East (Air), and proceed to South (Fire), West (Water), and finally North (Earth), stopping at each direction, and reverently asking for each of the Element’s presence and assistance and thanking them for their presence.

Next begin to set up the altar as you please, placing each item gently where you wish it to be, and visualizing it becoming pure and cleansed and dedicated for your highest good and the good of all.

Continue to visualize your altar becoming the center of your home, cleansed and purified, and inviting the the presence of the Goddess, and as you do it, light the candle, and if you chose incense to represent the element of Air, you can offer it at this point.


Next take the olive oil and use a small dab to bless yourself to the work you’re about to begin in your newly consecrated sacred space.

Dab the top of your head as you say:

“Goddess Bless me for I am your child”

Dab your Third Eye chakra (between the eyes and above the brow) and say:

“Goddess Bless my sight that I may see You and see the Divine in all of Your creation”

Dab your Throat chakra and say:

“Goddess Bless my voice so that I may always speak Your truth”

Dab your Heart chakra and say:

“Goddess Bless my heart that I may be open to love all things”

Dab your Solar Plexus chakra (right above the belly button) and say:

“Goddess Bless me and give me the strength that I may live life to the fullest and always know my soul purpose”

Dab your Sacral chakra (Lower abdomen, about 2 inches below the navel and 2 inches in) and say:

“Goddess Bless my passions with balance for all acts of love and creativity are your rituals”

Dab your Root chakra (Base of spine in tailbone area) and say:

“Goddess Bless my instincts with clarity of purpose”

Dab the soles of your feet and say:

“Goddess Bless my feet that they may always walk your path”

Dab the palms of your hands and say:

“Goddess Bless my hands that they may always be open to give and receive Your love and that of all Your creation”

Place the olive oil back on your altar and now spend some quiet time meditating on what this altar means to you, and filling it with love and energy. Feel the presence of the Goddess all around you, breathing in Her love and light. Feel the magic all around you. Visualize yourself revitalized, becoming healthier, whole, and wiser.

When you’re ready to finish the ritual, thank the Goddess for Her presence, and go around the altar once again, this time starting with North, going towards West, South, and ending with East. As you do, thank the Elements for their gracious presence and assistance. Come back to the altar and put the candle out as you say a quiet prayer of thanks to the Goddess.

sekhmet visit

Your altar is now consecrated and ready for you to begin your wonderful journey in the love and light of The Great Goddess. And so it is!

Love and Bright Goddess Blessings

Chrysalis Goddess

Queen Mother Isis Selene


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