So WordPress, how easy is this going to be?

For the longest time everyone’s been telling me that if you want your blog / website to be taken seriously,  it has to be done with WordPress.  Well,  I find it rather daunting to be honest and that’s the reason why I’ve stayed with Blogger for so long,  and more recently Weebly. Both are just so darn easy,  even the most  technologically impaired such as myself can get a website up and running fairly easily.
Well, the time has come for me to take up on the challenge and get this party started.  So,  here we go, the WordPress adventure begins. So far I have gotten the blog section to import posts from my previous blog and I even managed to insert a banner,  imagine that!  But try as I might,  I can’t get rid of the “leave a comment” box on the home page. Fine if this was going to be a blog only,  but not so much if I start transferring my entire website here.  Oh mama,  this is going to be painful! 
Anyhow,  I have made a commitment to myself to have my entire website and blog moved from Weebly to WordPress within the next two weeks and start a series of weekly blog posts on  Neo-Paganism and Magic for beginners within a month. So, let’s roll up the sleeves and cast a little spell to get this rolling. What more auspicious time than now with the lovely New Moon fast  approaching?
Chrysalis Goddess will be  completely settled in her new home by the ides of November,  of that I’m certain. And any help I can get,  magical and otherwise, will be more than welcome.  And so it is!
Love and Bright Blessings
Queen Mother Isis Selene



4 thoughts on “So WordPress, how easy is this going to be?

    • Thank you Renard! It’ll be quicker than that I’m sure. But I try not to put too much pressure on myself or else I might get overwhelmed 🙂 No worries tho, there’s a post on the difference between Paganism and Wicca coming soon!

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