"Hello March"

Spring is in the air. I can see it,  feel it,  smell it. I love winter,  and it is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to it. But I must confess that, much as I enjoy the cold season,  I do miss the beautiful, bright colors of spring.
So the time has come for me to start working on my tiny makeshift garden. A little square in the back of my building, right under my bedroom window, littered with paint buckets filled with dead soil and sad sprigs. I now claim that space as my own,  with my landlord’s permission of course. I can hardly wait to fill the buckets with colorful flowers and fragrant herbs. I can see it with my mind’s eyes,  and oh,  what a lovely thought to know that the space will become my little corner of heaven in this concrete craziness that is my life.
The gorgeous daffodil below is my promise that saying goodbye to winter will, for once, be a much less gloomy proposition. The prospect of feeling the earth with my bare hands as I plant all the lovely seedlings I’ll be picking up from my local nursery,  is filling me with a joy I haven’t felt in a long time,  particularly at the end of my favorite season.
Goodbye my sweet winter,  I shall miss you dearly. But for now, I must say that I’m very excited to greet your sister spring! And all the lovely gifts she will bestow upon me when my garden blooms. Wow!  I love the sound of that!  “My garden”!!! Small nature joys that can only be so fully appreciated by a city gal who has so little access to nature 🙂
Namaste ♥
Anahata Jade

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