"Follow your Bliss"

I realized today, as I was looking for some notes I  took when learning about the magical correspondences for March,  that I have that sorta stuff pretty much all over the place. On various notebooks,   journals,  my Book of Shadows, even on my art journals,  basically,  everywhere.

Why not put it all in one place,  to make my life less complicated? Easier said than done, lol. So I decided that if I am to follow thru with that, it’s definitely gonna have to be something that will excite me enough to want to use it.

No one better than my heroine, Frida Kahlo to tell me to do just that. I love how her face turned out,  just the right amount of whimsy,  and oh,  so sparkly! Now,  that’s what I call a girly BOS! I can hardly wait to start using it.  And because the paper inside is pretty sturdy and unlined, I can art journal on it as well. Woohoo!

Namaste ♥

Anahata Jade


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