FlyTribe Blog Hop – Cute shoes

Ok, I’m not even sure how this works, but the Flytribe blog is doing something on cute shoes this week. Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve worn anything other than sneakers, so it was actually really good to wear something different, cute, feminine. My job requires a lot of walking around so I need to wear comfortable shoes or else my back pays the price. But it feels so nice to have something girlie on my feet for a change. Thanks Flytribe for giving me the perfect opportunity to do so. Now I feel like going to the store to get a few new pairs of flats, bright and cheerful!
Have a wonderful week everyone.


13 thoughts on “FlyTribe Blog Hop – Cute shoes

  1. Just found your blog . . . sometimes when you're surfing the web, you hit gold. That's your blog. I love the purity in your character's faces. Oh yes, and the red shoes in this post. I have never met a pair of red shoes that I didn't like. You can not wear a frown when wearing red shoes, that's my opinion. Come on over for a visit, my welcome mat is always out. I'm an artist with many hats . . . I love painting, decorating, photography, paper craft, mix media, and entertaining. Have a great weekend, and keep wearing those pretty shoes. Your newest follower, Connie 🙂

  2. Cute shoes! I love the rosettes/flowers. Too bad they aren't comfortable to wear all the time. I walk everywhere in NYC and I totally understand the need for comfort.

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